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The Four Phases to Success

Phase I

The Client Process

A personnel consultant conducts a thorough Client Job Analysis of four areas crucial to the recruitment and referral activities:

Details of the position available.

Details of the industry, the organization and its divisions, departments, etc.

Details of the organization's "culture" - its internal work environment and the people within it.

Personnel Profile - the type of person that will be a cultural "fit".

Based on the above information the consultant develops a Candidate Profile to serve 
as a guideline in recruiting potential candidates that already qualify in many respects.

Phase II
The Candidate Process

First, each potential candidate must complete a rigorous interview. The consultant pays close attention to each response, checking for confusing, incomplete, or avoided answers and requests additional information when necessary.

Simultaneously, the applicant's background and references are checked to ensure as nearly as possible the validity of the information provided. The consultant screens the candidate for the following:

Technical Profile: Is the candidate able to work with trade / industry required equipment, materials, supplies, and tools?

Personality Profile: Is the attitude, behavior, and perception of the candidate a cultural "fit"?

Functional Profile: How well does the candidate perform assigned, assumed, or optional duties?

Phase III

The Match

After the candidate is evaluated and determined to meet the requirements of the position, the consultant discusses the opportunity with the candidate:

The position available, details related to it, and the candidate's qualifications for the position.

The candidate's professional goals and how the position fits into his or her personal career plans.

The client interviewing process and related company orientation.
The candidate's qualifications are then discussed with the client and an introductory interview is scheduled.

Phase IV

The Interview

Our objective is to help ensure the success of the client-candidate interview, giving both parties the best opportunity to enjoy this initial communication with each other. After the interview the consultant evaluates both client and candidate responses to determine the next step.

The consultant continues to maintain close contact with both parties throughout the hiring process - through the job proposal (offer) stage, the negotiation / contract stage, and the probationary period.

The Launch


SHS will provide ancillary advice and support as needed during the new employee's initial tenure to ensure a smooth transition and guaranteed success for all involved.