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Our Recruiting Philosophy

At SHS, we believe that communication is the key to effective recruiting.

The Client Process:

When we are developing a relationship with a client, we aim to find out as much information as possible. We talk to you about the history, corporate culture, and strategies of your company. We scour your website and do online research to help us get a better "feel" for your company. We try to develop a relationship with you so that we can proactively anticipate needs, instead of just waiting on our haunches. Only when we feel that we have satisfactory developed an understanding of your needs then we will start working on any positions that you have available.

Our Recruitment Process:

We first determine an appropriate, detailed description of the position. This should include the responsibilities of the position as well as the qualifications to obtain the position. The client can either provide this, or we can work with the client to develop it. We feel that this is an incredibly important part of the recruiting process. Vague job descriptions only lure vague candidates.
Our second step is to take that job description and post it to our web site. This can often be done within the hour.

Our website has been online since 1988, which has allowed us to develop a high Google rank on many search terms. We can also post the position to job boards and appropriate newsgroups almost immediately. You can be confident that we will not reference your company's name in any posting.

We then perform searches within our own database of over 100,000 candidates to determine likely candidates. These are put on a "hotlist" and are contacted soon thereafter. We then use our network of contacts and Internet resources to cast a larger net. We can find candidates where few others can find them.

Once we find a potential fit for your company, we do a thorough interview. We seek to ascertain motivations and personalities, as well as establish knowledge and credentials. The person is given a detailed description of the opening and briefed on the company. Once a person has given his/her full consent, we submit that person's resume to you.

We can then schedule phone screens or interviews with the candidate. After every interview, we request that we receive thorough feedback on the candidate. This allows us to better "fine-tune" candidates in the future. SHS will then schedule any follow-up interviews.
When an offer is extended, SHS will negotiate between our client and the candidate (if necessary). This will allow us to alleviate any doubts that the candidate might have.
After the offer is accepted, we maintain close contact with both parties in order to ensure that the transition is successful for all involved.

More Information

If you would like to know more about SHS or the services and value that we can provide, please contact Tim Jadwin, President, at 630.718.1704 or via email at